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(Season 2) Episode 9: Giving Back to the Community

In honor of Black History month, this episode explores one way of getting involved in the community: grassroots organizations. These organizations focus on giving back to the communities they've came from.

Featured on Episode 9 of Black Fam 2.5 ...

Community advocate Jazmyne McNeese is a doctoral candidate at Rutgers University-Camden studying race, wealth and business ownership. Originally, from Los Angeles California, she obtained her BA in Sociology, with a minor in African American studies from the UC-Irvine. McNeese’s passion for advocacy reflects in her on and off-campus experiences, where she developed an identity as a community organizer and researcher. Since relocating to NJ, McNeese has worked with various organizations and state agencies including, NJ Policy Perspective, NJ Community Capital, and the Department of Community Affairs. McNeese identifies as a researcher, unapologetic advocate, and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.

All photos via Instagram // thepeople'scoalition_

A mission statement from The People's Coalition:

"At The People’s Coalition, we organize to build a world without police, prisons and multi-trillion dollar corporations that depend upon the suffering of our communities. We believe in investing in care not cops, and in community self-governance rather than community policing. We are a collective of students and community members building power through knowledge and direct action alongside the community. We are currently working in collaboration and coalition with other grassroots organizations in the OC area to distribute solidarity packs to comrades released from state prisons and those experiencing houselessness, and to provide the children of incarcerated parents with back-to-school supplies. Our ongoing efforts include mutual aid, biweekly food drives, and political education and consciousness raising through our “Comrades Classroom” which is the feature of this site."

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