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Episode 8: Black Love

What is Black love? What is it determined by? What are some of the stigmas that plague Black couples? For this episode, we wanted to explore the intricacies of romantic relationships within the Black community, what Black love means today, the complexities within our own experiences with love, and how to navigate healthy relationships during this difficult time.

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Featured on Episode 8 of Black Fam 2.5...

Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera (Ig-Nah-See-Oh Gee Who-tee-ah She-eye-tee Ree-ve-Rah), M.A., is a cultural sociologist with expertise in sexual trauma and healing for marginalized populations. Ignacio is a Queer, Trans/Yamoká-hu/Two-Spirit, Black-Boricua, and Taíno activist who prefers the gender-neutral pronoun “they.” They are an internationally known gender non-conforming speaker, educator, writer, and performer with over 20 years of experience on multiple fronts, including economic justice, anti-racist and anti-violence work, as well as mujerista, LGBTQI and sex positive movements. Ignacio is also the founder and curator of Poly Patao Productions, which began 20 years ago and centers the sexual liberation of LGBTQI people of color. Ignacio’s work is influenced by their lived experience of homelessness, poverty, and sexual trauma and is focused on providing educational opportunities that are especially geared toward the sexual liberation of queer women, transgender, multi-gender, gender-queer, gender non-conforming, gender variant and queer people of color.

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Michelle Miller is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who maintains a private practice in Mission Viejo, CA. Michelle has been licensed since 2000, and has been in private practice since that time. She works with those experiencing depression and anxiety, life transitions, trauma, esteem issues, women's issues, and with couples. Her practice has a special emphasis in working with women and couples struggling with a variety of fertility issues, including infertility, grief after miscarriage, post partum depression, and adjustment to parenting. Michelle is a group facilitator for Forever Footprints, an organization that supports women and families who’ve suffered from pregnancy or infant loss. Additionally, Michelle has worked extensively with the Christian community, and has partnered with pastors in providing counseling to members of their congregations. She is passionate about working with clients to see their goals actualized. Michelle and her husband have been married since 1993, and they have 3 young adult children.


What happens when a young educated (...and sometimes ratchet) black couple moves from Detroit to white ass New England in search of a better life? Well, we are about to tell you…

Black Love Matters are hilarious and raw conversations about love while being black. From finding your inner Barack and Michelle (or Jay-z and Beyonce) to your spouse eating the last of the ice cream to building a better life without losing your roots, Niram and Niambi tackle all these matters and more. The Black Love Matters podcast began in 2016.


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